Meet OKU
Your personal skin coach

The smart way to take care of your skin,

keep aging at bay and achieve a youthful, healthy glow.

"It’s almost like crowdsourcing for skincare!"
Anna De Souza, NBC
"Having and managing personal healthcare in the home is big!"
Mario Armstrong
"There’s a lot of wearable tech out there, but we haven’t seen anything quite like this!"
Andy Baryer, GetConnectedTV
"If high-tech home beauty gadgets are your thing, then prepare to be very excited indeed!"
FaceUpBeauty blog
What is OKU?

OKU is the world's first iPhone connected

anti-aging device and app designed specifically to

help you get your skin into its best shape.


Connect OKU to your iPhone, download the app,

answer a few simple questions about yourself to

get started, scan your skin (as often as you like) and

get real-time, personalized skincare advice to help

your skin achieve its optimal youthful potential.

What does OKU do?

OKU looks beneath the surface of your skin and sees what you

can't see with the naked eye.


It takes a scan of your skin, analyzes it in detail and combined

with personal information on your diet, lifestyle and skincare

usage gives you your Skinscore™. Your Skinscore™ tells you how

well your skin is faring and identifies areas for improvement. It

then helps you set a daily goal to achieve better skin.


OKU gives you the right lifestyle, diet and skincare product

recommendations and advice on the right routine for your

skin's wellness. Much like a personal trainer, it helps you get

your skin in the best shape it can be.

Why should you use OKU?
We bet you think you know your skin



So how come it gets itchy sometimes?

Or dry or red? Or why you get that

occasional annoying zit or pesky

signs of aging?


Many different factors are responsible

for how healthy your skin is - the basic

building blocks of skin: oil, moisture,

collagen, and of course your lifestyle,

diet and skincare habits.


Until OKU, there was no way of truly

knowing what your skin's core issues

are, and simply no means to measure

and track all these factors, Don't worry.

OKU has got you covered now. It's the

anti-aging device and app every woman

must use for her skincare needs.

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