Your Personal Skin Coach


OKU is Your Personal Skin Coach – a skin scanning device & iPhone app – designed to help you achieve your best skin.

Analyze the health of your skin so you can see its moisture levels, oiliness, pigmentation, firmness, and texture.

Set goals and track progress – Get a personalized SkinScore with every scan.

Get personalized advice tailored just for you – which skincare products to use, which ones are working, new regimens to try.

Access a community – get connected with others with skin like yours and see what works for them!


Advanced Technology

We created OKU after years of research by our team of dermatologists, plastic surgeons, nanotechologists, scientists and engineers.

Using dermoscopy and spectroscopy, OKU is able to scan beneath the surface of your skin to show it’s moisture levels, oil levels, firmness, texture & pigmentation. OKU analyzes the structure of your skin, and lets you see real-time images of your skin’s activity, including active oil glands, uneven pigmentation, and texture including fine lines and wrinkles. OKU analyzes your skin’s health along these key dimensions to provide a SkinScore and detailed analysis. It’s like having a lens into what’s really happening underneath your skin!

Unbiased & Personalized Advice

OKU is an independent, unbiased platform that provides skincare advice tailored to you. We offer product recommendations across all brands, be it drugstore brands or department store brands. Your customized advice and product recommendations are based on your personal skin scans, and what is working best for your SkinTwins, others with skin just like yours.

OKU not only gives you product advice, but also lifestyle and diet advice. Get daily tips on how to take the best care of your ski (ahem, sunscreen prompts!), engage in monthly challenges (we LOVE the water challenge!), and so much more!

We are here for you and want to help you achieve your best skin ever!

SkinTwins Community

Access a community of your SkinTwins – others with skin just like yours. OKU automatically matches you with your SkinTwins, so that any advice you receive are relevant to your type of skin. Over the years, we have collected data from different women with different skin types and tones all over the world. No more second guessing if a product might work for you…hear from your SkinTwins and see it in your SkinScore!

PLEASE NOTE: OKU is not a medical device. For medical and dermatological concerns, please see your dermatologist.


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“It’s almost like crowdsourcing for skincare!”

Anna De Souza, NBC

“Having and managing personal healthcare in the home is big!”

Mario Armstrong

“There’s a lot of wearable tech out there, but we haven’t seen anything quite like this!”

Andy Baryer, GetConnectedTV

“If high-tech home beauty gadgets are your thing, then prepare to be very excited indeed!”

FaceUpBeauty Blog


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